Bank of America EDD Online Card

Bank of America is a worldwide financial institution that provides services to individual consumers, small market business and large corporations as well. Bank of America offers services for banking, asset management, investing and risk management.

Bank of America EDD Debit Card Online Banking provides customers a fast and convenient way of managing their finances. You can login to your account from your PC or via the Bank of America mobile app. If you’re not certain how to access your Bank of America EDD Debit Card Online Account, here are the steps on how to enroll or even change your password.


To log on to your Bank of America online account, follow these steps via your PC or laptop:

1- Go to your browser and type click this link).

2- In the Sign In area, enter your username or EDD card number and click Sign In.

bank america login
bank of america edd card sign in online

3- Enter required information to verify your identity and access your online banking account.

bank america login2
bank of america/edd sign in card online

If your credentials are correct, you will be directed to your online banking account’s dashboard.


If you have forgotten your username, you may enter your EDD card number. However if you wish to reset your username, follow these steps.

1- Click link Forgot your Username? in the Sign In box.

bank america reset
bank of america/edd card online

2- Call the number on the back of your EDD card to recover forgotten username.

bank america reset2
online edd bank of america number of the card


If you just got your new debit EDD card and need to activate it, follow these steps:

1- Click tab Activate My EDD card.

bank america activate
online bank of america edd number of the card

2- Enter the number of your new debit EDD card and click Continue. 

bank america activate 2
edd bank of america online card

Follow any additional information requested by website in order to activate your pre-paid debit EDD card and banking online.


Similar to most online banking accounts, Bank of America provides a wide range of services for those who use the EDD Card:

  • Transfers from checkings account to EDD card
  • Pay Bills online
  • Receive mobile and email alerts of payments due
  • View bank statements
  • Check account balance and recent transactions

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